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Experts of Italian CMC Company and directors of CREC visited our company

Author: Time:2015-12-02 Browse:929
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Experts of Italian CMC Company and directors of CREC visited our company

  In the past National day’s vacation, employees of Luoyang Xingda Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. or Luoyang Xingda, which locates at Luoyang Airport Industrial Park, Henan province, China, were still at work. They were busy with two” bulky blocks”. The general manager of Luoyang Xingda Mr Li quanwei said the “bulky blocks” would be finished more than one week later.
  The bulky blocks which Mr Li referred to are two rock tunnel boring machines which are designed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co,. Ltd. or CREC, and manufactured by Luoyang Xingda partly. The client is CMC di Ravenna, an Italian construction firm .It is said that these are first Chinese made TBMs export to European customer..It means Chinese TBM enters European market and the Chinese TBM manufacturer gains international approval. Luoyang Xingda has cooperated with CREC to manufacture TBM for several times.
  Earlier this year, the Chinese home-made largest TBM (diameter 8.03m) rolled off the final assembly line successfully. It totally changed the situation that China depended on foreign TBM and didn’t have key technologies. It’s Luoyang Xingda that manufactured the cutting wheel and other main parts of the TBM. This private enterprise solved a series technical problem and delivered to CERC on time. It gained a good reputation in TBM manufacturers.
  Based on former good cooperation, Luoyang Xingda won the order from CREC to manufacture the TBMs which will be applied in Beirut; Lebanon. Although having related experiences, any carelessness isn’t allowed in manufacturing. Mr Li said:”We will manufacture 85% parts of this TBM. The amount of work is much heavier than the earlier one.”
  The two TBMs which are ordered by CMC Company will be applied to excavate a 24-km-long tunnel to transfer water in Beirut, Lebanon. Compared to the diameter 8.03m TBM, the size of these TBMs are smaller. Its diameter is 3.4m .Although it is smaller, the structure is more complicated and the function is the same as the bigger one. The first problem Luoyang Xingda faces is industrial design. It took the engineers several months to convert and understand the drawings. According to the technical requirements, thousands of holes should be drilled on the cutting wheel of the TBMs. The accuracy should be within 0.03mm.In many cases, workers have to operate in gaps of parts. Furthermore, because of the complexity of work pieces. Most of work pieces should be machined by CNC machine centers. Depending on technology innovation, Luoyang Xingda has solved problems one by one. The manufactures of Italian TBMs began in August ,2015 Now the first one will assemble and undertake test run. During the manufacture, the representatives of CREC and CMC have visited Luoyang Xingda for several times. They all satisfy with the qualities and working efficiency
  It‘s reported that rock tunnel boring machine is mainly used to excavate hydropower and traffic tunnels. It is the most advanced underground boring equipment all over the world. It is the aircraft carrier of construction machinery.
  As a private enterprise with more than 200 employees, how can Luoyang Xingda receive the TBM order for many times from CREC? Mr Li Quanwei says:”Depending on excellent expertise and attentive service, Luoyang Xingda has become long-time partner of many Chinese big companies such as YTO, CITIC HIC, and CREC since It was founded in 1992.”Recent years, Luoyang Xingda spreads out its oversea businesses. About 40% orders are foreign ones. The clients include Russia, US, UK and France. Now, Luoyang Xingda is a well-known enterprise among Chinese TBM manufacturers.
  It is said that Luoyang Xingda will manufacture several TBMs export to Singapore after finishing these two Italian TBMs. After that, Luoyang Xingda plans to build up a manufacture and assembly line to fabricate more TBMs.