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The Chinese home-made largest TBM (diameter 8.03m) has rolled off the final assembly line successfully.

Author: Time:2015-01-26 Browse:907
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The Chinese home-made largest TBM (diameter 8.03m) has rolled off the final assembly line successfully.

  On 26th, January 2015, the first Chinese home-made hard rock boring machine rolled off the final assembly line in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. This TBM is designed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. or CREC. It totally changes the situation that China relied on foreign TBM and didn’t have key technologies.
  The general manager of Luoyang Xingda Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. or Luoyang Xingda Mr Li Quanwei, said:”We make the rotary cutting-wheel and other main parts of the TBM.”The cutting-wheel is a key part of TBM. During boring, the cutting-wheel cuts the surface of hard rock’s with the plate-shaped cutters. It can bore the tunnel directly. Luoyang Xingda has overcome many difficulties such as short delivery, deformation of heat treatment .Finally; Luoyang Xingda completed the manufacture of the cutting wheel successfully.
  During the manufacture of the cutting wheel which weighs 160 tons, diameter 8.03m, Luoyang Xingda encountered a series of difficulties in welding, machining and heat treatment. The technical procedures were adjusted, foreign welding nozzles were applied. In order to ensure the high quality of work piece, Luoyang Xingda spent lots of money purchasing costly special cutter. After inspecting the work piece, a German supervisor employed by CERC thumbed up.
  Luoyang Xingda Industry Equipment Co Ltd, is established in 1992 .Former name is Xingda machinery plant of Mengjin county. It is a comprehensive company with welding, machining and assembly workshops. Depending on high quality product, Luoyang Xingda has become a long time partner of many Chinese big companies such as YTO, CITIC HIC, TZ heavy industry. Last October, Luoyang Xingda won the bid to manufacture the cutting wheel of the TBM for CREC.
  The rolling off the hard rock boring machine is a symbol. It means China has taken its place in world’s TBM market.