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  Document of Quality Management System consists of four levels: Level 1: Enterprise Management Manual, stipulates the modes of quality management system in light of management responsibility, resources management, product realization, measure analysis and improvement process; Level 2: document related to quality management procedures (total 31 Nos.), has formed a complete set of maneuverable procedure document complying with applicable national, local and industrial laws and regulations; Level 3: guidance document for quality management operation, represents the features of our company, offers the “best and most practical” approaches to arrive at the quality objective, specify the activities that may influence product quality and the methods and qualified rules for the related activities, to make these activities under control; Level 4: quality record, reflects the process and result of product quality formation as well as the running state and effect of the quality system in an all-around way , to provide adequate and effective information for quality management and quality assurance. The practicality, authenticity and correctness of the quality records are able to provide overall and effective information traceability for effectively implementing the quality management activities.
  With the focus on the client, Xingda has enlarged its market share by satisfying the constantly changing requirements of the client and the laws and regulations. The effective running of the quality management system, the standardized internal management, the full participation of all members and the continuously improved quality awareness of the staff, has consolidated the stability of quality management, ensured the consistency of product quality and enhance the running efficiency and overall performance of the company. The persistent improving efforts have allowed for an overall improvement of Xingda’s comprehensive quality and overall level, making the company grow stronger.